Noni Fruit

Benefits of Noni Juice

The benefits of noni juice are vast. In fact, despite studying noni since the 1950s, scientists have yet to pinpoint all of the benefits of noni.

Since we spoke of the benefits of noni, the fruit in general, on another page of this site, let’s limit the scope of this page to the benefits of noni juice specifically, which are subject to change from brand to brand since other fruits must be mixed in with the juice blend.

Since noni juice alone tastes, well, less than ideal, virtually all noni juices sold everywhere are mixed with complimentary fruits like blueberries, strawberries, and bananas. It doesn’t really take much, most mixes still contain 90% to 85% pure noni juice and the rest is mainly there for reasons of taste.

Luckily, noni’s bad taste is not a Strong taste, so that 10 or 15 percent of other juices is usually enough to make it taste palatable, with only a slight bad aftertaste.

By itself, noni already offers a very broad array of healing properties, from pain relief to cancer fighting. However, the makers of most noni juices know that it can’t cure everything, and in their mix they try to add fruits that help in other ways.

The end result, (especially if they use a large amount of blueberries, goji, or acai) is a juice blend that truly helps your body in every possible way a whole food or juice can help!

That’s the beauty of mixing noni with other superfruits; they don’t fight the same ‘bad guys’ in your body but together they make a heck of a team!