Noni Fruit

Benefits of Noni

Since the ancient times, the benefits of noni plant and fruit have always been known. The natives have called the noni plant the miracle plant because of its health properties that heal diseases and ailments from cancer to broken bones to skin diseases. Different parts of the noni plants yield different benefits of noni.

What are the benefits of noni?

benefits of noni
  • Noni is used to treat stomach pains and after delivery (Marshall Islands)

  • Heated leaves applied to the chest relieve coughs, nausea, and colic (Malaysia)
  • Juice of the leaves is taken for arthritis (Philippines)


  • The fruit is taken for lumbago, asthma, and dysentery (Indochina)

  • Pounded, unripe fruit is mixed with salt and applied to cuts and broken bones

  • Ripe fruit is used to draw out pus from an infected boil (Hawaii)

  • Juices of over-ripe fruits are taken to regulate menstrual flow and ease urinary problems (Malaysia)

  • The fruit can be used to make shampoo (Malaysia, Hawaii) and to treat head lice (Hawaii)

  • Other exotic diseases treated with the plant include diabetes (widespread) and venereal diseases