Noni Fruit

Noni Fruit

If you have never seen noni fruit, it is not the prettiest fruit. Even the description of a noni fruit does not make it sound appetizing. Outside a noni fruit it is either green or yellowy white but inside it is white. Not only the noni fruit looks ugly but it also smells too pungent and its taste is bitter and terrible.

What is a noni fruit like?

noni fruits

A noni fruit is a bumpy, egg shaped fruit with many uneven, circular indentations or pits. Some even say that a noni fruit looks like it has caught some diseases on its surface or skin. The skin of a noni fruit is waxy, yellowish or light greenish white in color.

The skin starts off being green but turns more translucent when the noni fruit is ripe.

How big is a noni fruit?

A noni fruit is a few inches long.  It is approximately the same size as a potato.

How does a noni fruit taste?

Before a noni fruit ripens, it is quite tasteless. The noni pulp, which is white in color, has been described as tasteless by many people. Once the noni fruit is ripe, it is stinky and it tastes awful.

What's the inside of a noni fruit like?

Inside of a noni fruit, you will find the white gooey substance that does not smell nice. Within the creamy white soft pulp of the noni fruit, there are many reddish brown seeds contained in sacs.

Is noni fruit very stinky?

Once the noni fruit is ripe, its pulp inside turns very smelly. The smell is similar to rotten cheese. Most people are very turned off by the smell of a ripe noni fruit.