Noni Fruit

Noni Juice

Since noni contains amazing healing and medicinal properties, many people are trying to drink noni juice. In the US, noni juice has been introduced years ago but not noni fruit. Noni juice is used as food supplement. 

Although, you may have read that noni fruit tastes bitter and terrible, noni juice often tastes ok and can even taste good.


Why does noni juice taste good when the noni fruit tastes bad?

noni juice

People often wonder if a fruit tastes bad, how can its juice taste good. Noni juice tastes good because they are not pure noni juice. There are many other ingredients to make the noni juice taste 1000 times better.

Most of the time, other fruit juices such as grape juice, blueberry juices, pomegranate juices, strawberry juices or banana juices are added. Since noni juice can be tasteless, you may only taste other fruit juices primarily.

There are many brands of noni juice. Different countries may also have their own popular brands of noni juices. The Tahitian noni juice is one of the most famous noni juice, known in the US.