Noni Fruit

Noni Soap

Since noni has so many medicinal properties and is well known for healing ailments, it is not surprising that there are noni soap on the market. Noni soap is not a common noni product and you cannot find it everywhere like you can find noni juice. Below is a picture of a noni soap that is very dark green in color.

Why is a noni soap good to use?

Similar to noni fruit or noni juice, noni soap is supposed to have a variety of vitamins that will help regenerate your skin cells.

The nutrients in noni will help nourish the skin, keeping it young and supple as well as reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

noni soap

The smell of noni soap

Since most people think that noni fruit smells too pungent and not pleasant, noni soap is usually loaded with other smells such as different scents of perfumes so that the noni soap will smell great giving you a pleasant experience in the bath or shower.

noni soap

Like other superfruits, noni is one of the secrets of anti aging. A bar of noni soap is not expensive. However, they are not common in the US and companies importing noni soap into the US may overcharge people.