Noni Fruit

Noni Tea

Besides noni juice, noni tea is quite popular and common in the United States. There are a few brands of noni tea, some with caffeine and some are caffeine free. Below is a picture of a box of noni tea containing 24 noni tea bags. Noni tea also come in different flavor such as noni ginger tea.

How much is noni tea? 

noni tea

A box of noni tea bags is not expensive. The price of noni tea ranges from $2 to just over $5. Many companies now carry noni tea. You can even buy some noni tea on eBay.

Some noni tea taste better than others. You will have to try different flavors yourself to decide which noni tea you like the most. If you want to have the most health benefits, though, make sure you read the ingredients and what are in the noni tea.

Not all noni tea contains all the medicinal properties that noni fruit, or even noni juice, contains. 

However, in general, noni tea is better than noni juice because of other ingredients in the noni tea.

Noni juice often contains a lot of added sugar or sweetener that may make the noni juice more fattening that it should be. 

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