Noni Fruit


A lot of people have not heard of noni, especially in North America. However, in some countries, noni has been used for over 2,000 years. Noni is known by different names in different civilizations and languages. Noni is not the prettiest fruit so many people are turned off by its looks when they see noni fruit.

Noni has many uses

In the past, countries such as China, India and Polynesia have used noni in many different ways sc as a dye, as food, and as medicine. Noni fruit has many medicinal properties which is the key reason why people are paying more attention to noni fruit now. In some countries, noni is known as the miracle plant for its healing and health improvement properties.

In the US, some people use noni as an alternative medicine to heal many types of ailments.


What is a noni tree like?

A noni tree is tall with dark green leaves. A noni tree is about 5-7 meters high. A noni fruit is dark green when it is raw but changes to yellow-white when ripe. Noni fruit contains numerous brown seeds that float and can be transported in water therefore the noni plant is found all over the world. See also the history of noni.