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  • Since the ancient times, the benefits of noni plant and fruit have always been known. The natives have called the noni plant the miracle plant because of its health properties that heal diseases and ailments from cancer to broken bones to skin diseases. Different parts of the noni plants yield different benefits of noni.

  • The benefits of noni juice are vast. In fact, despite studying noni since the 1950s, scientists have yet to pinpoint all of the benefits of noni.

  • Since noni is now catching the attention of anyone wanting to eat and stay healthy, people are paying more interest in the history of noni. Of course, if you are going to eat something exotic, such as noni, you probably want to know as much about it as possible such as where it comes from.

  • A lot of people have not heard of noni, especially in North America. However, in some countries, noni has been used for over 2,000 years. Noni is known by different names in different civilizations and languages. Noni is not the prettiest fruit so many people are turned off by its looks when they see noni fruit.

  • Noni benefits have been known since the ancient times where people used to think that the noni plant was a miracle plant. Noni has many medicinal properties that are great for health and healing ailments.

  • If you have never seen noni fruit, it is not the prettiest fruit. Even the description of a noni fruit does not make it sound appetizing. Outside a noni fruit it is either green or yellowy white but inside it is white. Not only the noni fruit looks ugly but it also smells too pungent and its taste is bitter and terrible.

  • Noni Fruit is a very informative website dedicated to noni, noni fruit, noni juice and the benefits of noni juice researches. Although noni has been around for over a thousand years, noni fruit and noni juice have recently been given much more attention because of the health benefits, healing powers and medicinal properties of the noni plant, noni fruit and even noni juice.

  • Since noni contains amazing healing and medicinal properties, many people are trying to drink noni juice. In the US, noni juice has been introduced years ago but not noni fruit. Noni juice is used as food supplement.

  • The number of health benefits you will receive just by regular ingestion of noni juice are vast. Many of them aren’t fully documented by scientists yet, and some of them are merely speculation.

  • There are many noni products ranging from food products, noni drinks, noni recipes, noni tea, noni soap, and so on. The most abundant noni products on the market is, by far, noni juice. There are many manufacturers and many brands producing noni juice nowadays.