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  • There are many noni products ranging from food products, noni drinks, noni recipes, noni tea, noni soap, and so on. The most abundant noni products on the market is, by far, noni juice. There are many manufacturers and many brands producing noni juice nowadays.
  • Besides noni juice, noni tea is quite popular and common in the United States. There are a few brands of noni tea, some with caffeine and some are caffeine free. Below is a picture of a box of noni tea containing 24 noni tea bags. Noni tea also come in different flavor such as noni ginger tea.
  • Since noni has so many medicinal properties and is well known for healing ailments, it is not surprising that there are noni soap on the market. Noni soap is not a common noni product and you cannot find it everywhere like you can find noni juice.