Noni Fruit

Tahitian Noni

If you’ve ever seen any noni products at your health-food or vitamin store, you’ve very likely seen them labeled as “Tahitian Noni.” So one might ask the question; Is Tahitian Noni the best kind of noni to take?

Not necessarily. It is true that noni’s oldest records come from Tahiti and other Polynesian islands, and yes, it is also true that the nutrient-dense volcanic ash-based soil in Tahiti is ideal for growing noni.

However, there are plenty of volcanoes across the south pacific, even in Asia and South America too, and as long as a noni plant is grown in nutrient-dense soil in tropical conditions, there is no real reason that it can’t equal the effectiveness of noni from Tahiti.

Hawaii, for instance, has had used noni as a medicine for at least as long as the Tahitians have. Certainly their kahunas know a thing or two about growing the best noni.

So the next time you find yourself reading into brand X’s marketing of noni juices to take, don’t pin so much importance to it’s origins, as long as it comes from a region that is volcanically active and tropical. Yes, even India or Australia can meet those conditions and make an excellent noni juice if they want to!